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Plfil Lariofil Bobbins

Lariofil was founded in 1980 around Varese, in norhern of Italy. Lariofil is specialized in a specific branch of textile industry made in Italy: bobbins for quiltung and embroidery.

In order to better reply to all embroidery and quilting needs, Lariofil developed bobbins in texturized high tenacity polyester, the best way to merge the bobbins lenght with thread tenacity.

Lariofil is specialized in bobbins made of polyester, high tenacity polyester, cotton, poly poly and elastic.

Lariofil turns his business around the world, the union between Polfil and Lariofil is the opportunity to givce the best service for bobbins and sewing thread.

The production headquarter remain in Cassano Magnago but in Castel Maggiore  there is a deposit to give the best service to all costumers.

Polfil Lariofil bobine

Polfil Lariofil
Production plant
Via Boscaccio 56
21012 Cassano Magnago (VA) Italy
Phone +39 (033) 1281444
Email: lariofil@polfil.com

Lariofil Bobine
Polfil Lariofil Bobbins