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From 1974

An Italian factory with the largest quantity of sewing thread for all applications and all industries. Our key words: diversification and efficiency.

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Just a spokesman for all of sewing demand, also for specific applications. Direct line with between producers and sellers.

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Little spools mon amour. Lots of shades, little quantity, unchanged quality.

FROM 1974

The most important characteristic of Polfil is to be the factory with the largest range of sewing thread for industrial use. Estabilished in 1974 as a commercial factory and in 1977 started an innovative production technique. Since that time Polfil has increased the department of research and development to find the best solution for the best product for all different applications: from clothing and fashion to book rebinding, from the shoe industry to all industrial applications, fire resistent thread, thread for sailing applications, waterproof thread or gauntlet. The capacity of diversification and the continued research for innovation allow Polfil to achieve two imporant prizes: “Premio Mercanzia” and “Donne Impresa”.


Polfil obtain the OEKOtex certification for a large quantity of their products.


  • Large colour card
  • Italian production and manufactoring
  • Fast and punctual service
  • One reply for all stitching
  • One partner for all needs








The Polfil product range comprises : spun polyester thread, core spun thread and policotton thread, high tenacity polyester, texturized polyester, bonderized thread and the so-called “gost thread”. The product’s diversification includes more than 7000 references with up to 350 of the most popular shades  of the thread on our colour card. This allows Polfil to serve high demanding custumers that find in Polfil a perfect partner for quality and service. One partner for all stitching. The commercial department, organized in commercial agents and sellers, experienced and knowledgeable to give all suggestions and solutions are able to reach in shorter time all Italian and foreign customers.