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Product Description

An extremely strong bonded (glued) nylon sewing thread, whose melting point is 250° C.
Upon completion of the dyeing process, the thread, originally produced as two or more ply, is glued in a chemical process so that it appears to be a single ply, although, when used for sewing, it retains the more refined and attractive appearance of a twisted yarn. This allows it to be used for sewing even in the presence of notable difficulties, presented either by the machine or the object to be sewn (e.g. application of velcro)

packaging: box of 20 cones

Size king spool 500 gr
DEN 940
Use technical strength requirements, buttoning.
Needle 160-200


IMPORTANT: Due to the different electronic device’s color rendering as well as the informatic adjustment of our color card, we suggest-in addition to the Polfil color reference-the Pantone® code. For the exact color identification we invite to use the original Polfil paper card.


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