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Product Description

An extremely strong, single yarn, silicon-coated nylon sewing thread. With just two colours, natural and smoke, it can replace the entire range of conventional sewing thread colors. Unlike all similar threads, POLION may be subjected to “permanent press” operations (industrial pressing and fixing) up to a temperature of 180° C (its melting point is 250° C). POLION is a stable, non-shrink thread: it neither puckers nor shrinks when washed. Considering its specification, it is practically irreplaceable for hems and for invisible stitching.

Packaging: 1/2 pond box of 50 king spools – ROCCAN 600/800 boxes of 10 pieces

Size king spool 9000 yds / roccan 600/800
DEN 250
DTEX 278
Use car seats, leather goods, deck-chair fabric
Needle 100-110


IMPORTANT: Due to the different electronic device’s color rendering as well as the informatic adjustment of our color card, we suggest-in addition to the Polfil color reference-the Pantone® code. For the exact color identification we invite to use the original Polfil paper card.

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