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Product Description

A ready-stabilised, extremely strong, sewing thread filament to realize an high tenacity sewing thread. The high-tech sewing thread obtained is optimum in terms of strength, softness and flexibility, stable in its twist. All of this allows high level stitching for footwear, upholstery or in those cases which particularly require lasting strenght.

Packaging: box of 20 cones

Size king spool 4000 mt
DTEX 220
ply 3
NM 40/3
Use mans footwear, upholstered furniture, awnings, gloves
Needle 100-110

Available on spools/pineaple 1 kg. On following colours:

Polfil 1000 - Pantone white
Polfil 3000 – Pantone white
Polfil 6550 - Pantone black 3
Polfil 3100 – Pantone black


IMPORTANT: Due to the different electronic device’s color rendering as well as the informatic adjustment of our color card, we suggest-in addition to the Polfil color reference-the Pantone® code. For the exact color identification we invite to use the original Polfil paper card.

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